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Grimaldi Group

22.04.20 / 11:35

Established in 1947, Grimaldi is a fully integrated multinational logistics group specializing in maritime transport of cars, trucks & heavy construction machines, rolling cargo, containers, out of gauge cargo, and passengers. Since 1967 Grimaldi has been calling the Israeli ports of Ashdod & Haifa on a weekly basis. The Grimaldi Group operates its own regional hub terminals in Antwerp (Belgium), Civitavecchia (Italy), Salerno (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), and Lagos (Nigeria). Other terminals are located in Esbjerg (Denmark), Cork (Ireland), Valencia (Spain), Monfalcone (Italy), Palermo (Italy), and Alexandria (Egypt). The entire port of Wallhamn has been purchased and is the first wholly privatized Swedish port, while the Unikai Lagerei und Speditionsgesellschaft terminal in Hamburg (Germany) is owned in partnership with Hamburg Harbour and Logistic AG (HHLA), a state-owned company. As for the Baltic Region, Finnlines' subsidiary Finnsteve operates terminals in the Finnish ports of Helsinki and Turku.

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